Water Features

Water Features

Whether it's a pond or a waterfall, water features can be among the most attractive elements of a garden's landscape design.

Landscape water features serve many purposes, including being pieces of art, places to swim or raise fish and sources of gentle sound effects. Water features can add an element of the exotic to your property, but they require careful maintenance in order for them to function properly, operate safely, and not become an eyesore. 

When Poolscapes start choosing and planning your water feature, we make sure that it fits in with the composition of your garden, perhaps using materials that feature elsewhere in the design.

Water has a fascinating quality and can bring light and life to the most limited of spaces. It is both versatile and predictable, and lends itself to being contained within an architectural setting. An area of water, whichever style you choose, is treated as an essential part of the garden’s pattern, and its proportions should be considered in relation to the rest of the space.

Creative Uses of Water 

Water can easily be incorporated into some sort of water feature, and if ground space is very limited, it need not necessarily be one that is horizontal, falling water could be incorporated in a multitude of ways. Waterfalls range from the merest trickle from a wall spout to a vertical wall of water. 

A very significant factor that few consider is that the running, splashing, or trickling of flowing water, as well as being visually pleasing, can help to block out urban noise. On a hot day, the sight and sound of gently running water will have a cooling effect too. 

Water to Relax and Exercise In

Frequently, the relationship between pool shape and size and the rest of the garden is ill-considered. Pear-shaped or kidney-shaped pools, so beloved by their manufacturers, are often fitted into an angular space, with the result that the areas left around them look awkward, both in relation to the pool itself and to the remainder of the garden site.

Even smaller in scale are the jacuzzi and the hot tub (or even a combination of the two), which can be included in a sheltered space.
Rick McGee is an award-winning inground swimming pool designer skilled in engineering and construction, with over 40 years of individual experience! He is certified by the Society of Watershape Designers. 
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