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Poolscapes LLC offer both highly creative swimming pool design and contracting: we offer value added advantages:
  1. Poolscapes has a solid reputation for creative swimming pool designs and high quality backyard swimming pool projects. Major emphasis is placed on energy-efficient and hydraulically balanced systems – resulting in reduced maintenance and lower operating costs, and the best overall value for our customers. 
  2. Poolscapes has a full-time Construction Supervisor and Construction Scheduler. Together, they manage jobs more efficiently, which affords a greater degree of quality control. 
  3. Poolscapes has highly qualified award-winning designers skilled in swimming pool design and construction issues. This insures custom pools are built in the most cost effective manner possible. Designers remain involved with the customer and their inground swimming pool project to completion – enhancing the builder/client relationship. 
  4. Poolscapes approaches inground swimming pool projects more completely through a master plan. The water shape and related hardscape / landscape activities are designed and built with a more comprehensive view of the project – resulting in cost savings, more timely production and a superior overall experience for our customer. 
  5. Poolscapes installs only the most state-of the-art, energy-efficient filtration, sanitization, cleaning and heating equipment. 
  6. Poolscapes sets high standards for swimming pool design and contracting and places great emphasis on attention to detail.
Why should you go to this effort and expense when you can call most any pool builder to get a "free" estimate and drawing? 

Keep in mind that swimming pools are not like automobiles that are assembled in a factory under controlled conditions and can be shopped from dealer to dealer. Swimming Pools that may appear to "LOOK" the same could have thousands of dollars in difference. Also, swimming pool construction standards, equipment and many other factors can be confusing and possibly overwhelming to the typical pool buyer.

The only way to insure you are comparing "APPLES TO APPLES" is by resolving the design specifications that meet your criteria and your standards. Compare this solution to meeting with four, five or more pools sales people with as many "Free Designs" that probably are not well thought out or engineered. Only then will you be able to determine which method is the "BEST VALUE" for you. 
Rick McGee is an award-winning inground swimming pool designer skilled in engineering and construction, with over 40 years of individual experience! He is certified by the Society of Watershape Designers. 
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